How to complain about Amazon, Uber, Airbnb on Twitter

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How to complain about Amazon, Uber, Airbnb on Twitter

Published on Sep 17, 2020


We’ve all been there, we encounter a problem with Amazon, Uber, Airbnb and other companies and then we turn to their customer support for help. Then we receive that automated response and then they go completely silent. We get pissed and then we start talking about it on Twitter only to be met with the same automated response AGAIN 🤬 !!! And then you try to speak to a human and there is no way to reach them.

Let’s face it, that sucks and it ends up ruining your day or even your well planned vacation (sigh). It doesn’t have to stay that way and maybe we can still do something about it, and that’s why ShieldVoC exists, to give you that voice even when you’ve lost all hope. All you need to do is tag @ShieldVoC on your tweet and post your tweet to get your tweet automatically retweeted by members of the ShieldVoC community. ShieldVoC is there to amplify the voice of the customer.

Posting a complaint on ShieldVoC is extremely simple and this is how you can do it:

  1. Sign up if it’s your first time, otherwise you can just log back in

ShieldVoC Sign Up

  1. We will send you to Twitter to connect your account.
ShieldVoC Connect with Twitter

Why do we do this?

  • We use Twitter so you don’t have to worry about remembering yet another password 🤦🏾
  • And just as other users of the ShieldVoC community will retweet your complaints (💯 guaranteed), you will also retweet other users’ complaints so we will need permission from Twitter to do that on your behalf. We will never use your account for anything other than to retweet complaints on your behalf and we’ll only do that a few times a day. All complaints go through a strict approval process by our team.


  1. Once you’ve successfully connected your account with Twitter, you will be sent to a page to file your complaint

ShieldVoC File a complaint

  1. At this point you will need to go to Twitter to copy your tweet link, it’s pretty simple and you can find it by tapping the share icons Twitter Share icon iOS and Desktop Twitter Share icon Android on the tweet.

  2. Once you’ve pasted your tweet link, we will automatically load your tweet so you can confirm that it’s the right tweet

    ShieldVoC Verify and Submit complaint

  3. Then you choose the company you’re complaining about from the list of available companies and click on the “Submit your complaint” button and voilà!

  4. We will review your complaint and once it’s approved you will receive a confirmation email and then we will automatically start amplifying your complaint on Twitter.

Amplify complaint with ShieldVoC